Styling tips

- by Nico Tijsen -

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Styling tip 1:

Make a bouquet of differently-sized and shaped flowers, but make sure there's room for air to circulate!

Styling tip 2:

Put a nice single eucalyptus branch in a large vase. Perfect for showing you don't always need to build a jungle to make a statement.

Styling tip 3:

Do you sometimes have a spare flower left over when you've been arranging a bouquet? Put it in a glass on the toilet or in the bathroom for a chique touch.

"Exquisite details make interiors sing"

Styling tip 4:

If you have roses on the verge of blooming, remove their stems and let them float in a large bowl of water. You can also add some floating candles so you can enjoy them at night, too!

Styling tip 5:

Group lots of small vases on a large plate or tray. You can fill them with a variety of flowers or beautiful blades of grass.

Styling tip 6:

In a straight, sleek vase, cut all your flowers to the same length and don't have them sticking above the rim. Luxury effect guaranteed!

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