Having fun with...

dinner decors

Rivièra Maison wouldn't be Rivièra Maison if we didn't talk about decorating dining tables. After all - creating an atmosphere is what we do! So we've got three great tables to show you below, each of which is in a different style. This will give you some great inspiration for summer!

Ice cream for dinner!

This great pink table for a fun summer. Not only are the decorations pink - the drinks, ice cream and accessories are sweet pink too!

Tasty tapas

Tapas guarantee a fun meal together. Long tables with lots of different morsels to enjoy in good company. This table can deal with a bit of chaotic company on tapas night!

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Catch of the day!

Lobster, crab, and delicious whitefish - we love seafood! Why not design a table to go with the menu, with matching plates, place mats and dishes? Your food will taste even better!