Each of our collections, and each season, has some favourites; gems you don't want to miss out on. This season, our collection is once again full of beautiful items we don't want to hide from you. Enjoy shopping with us - we've lined up some of the best sellers from our summer collection for you!

Rustic Rattan
Flip Flops

€ 29.95

These rattan slippers are a real summer must-have. Decorate them with sand and shells to get the ultimate beach feeling at home!

RM Lantern
Lane white M

€ 69.95

A beautiful white aluminium lantern; you can easily put beautiful candles in it using the cute glass door.

Please Join Us...
Barbecue Plate

€ 47.95

Summer means barbecue! This useful bowl has handy ridges, and is a must-have for long lazy BBQ evenings.

RM Beach Club Fillable Votive M

€ 17.95

These cool votives are filled with sand and small shells, but you can also fill them with decorative items yourself to make a personalised candle holder!

Mustique Catamaran

€ 84.95

This eyecatcher Catamaran is made of wood and aluminium. Enjoy the sight of this beauty and dream about sailing over the ocean on this gorgeous boat!

Island Plaited Pillow Cover natural 45x45

€ 69.95

Use accessories to create an island feeling at home; this beautiful soft cushion is perfect for creating an atmosphere. Soft, with a natural colour and luxurious woven fabric - wonderful!

Rustic Rattan Fish Serving Tray S/2

€ 69.95

This lovely set of two rattan fish are perfect for serving snacks on, or simply to decorate your home with some trinkets placed on them. Very multifunctional!

Catch Of The Day Serving Plate

€ 34.95

All the fish on this beautiful porcelain shell are hand-painted; unique and handmade! You can use it to serve great summer snacks.

Catch Of The Day Mini Plate


This beautiful plate from the Stromboli Collection is also handmade. It's very special, and great for eating off or as a decorative item.

Catch Of The Day Stripe Plate

€ 22.95

The entire Stromboli series matches, so it's easy to combine them to create a cute maritime atmosphere. This plate with blue, hand-painted stripes is perfect as part of the set.

Catch Of The Day Bowl

€ 17.95

This beautiful porcelain bowl has a white fish relief. It matches the maritime Stromboli theme perfectly.