Too beautiful to hide away in a photo album? Put it in a frame! Wonderful memories are there to be cherished and shown off. What better way to daydream than with your own photo wall? Play around with different frames or choose the same one in different sizes. Creative tip: print out all your photos in black and white, making the wall uniform yet subtle.

Berkeley Photo Frame 10x15 € 42.95

Happy Summer Photo Frame 10x15 € 22.95

Cordoba Photo Frame rectangular 25x17 € 59.95

Long Cay Webbing Photo Frame 10x15 € 47.95

Clarkstreet Photo Frame L € 69.95

Happy Summer Memories Photo Frame 15x10 € 47.95

Kew Gardens Photo Frame L € 47.95

Dean Photo Frame 10x15 € 34.95

Happy Summer Photo Frame 18x13 € 24.95


The Pacifica family deserves to be highlighted. In this collection you will find robust wall cabinets, dressers, a TV cabinet and matching room divider. All items are made of mango wood and put together by craftsmen who treat the material with care. The mango wood stays beautifully light, with white planks giving it a fresh and modern look.

Pacifica Room Divider € 979.00

RM Planter With Stand € 59.95

Pacifica Dresser € 1,849.00

Pacifica Flatscreen Dresser € 1,549.00

With Love Table Lamp soft gold € 99,95

Pacifica Glass Cabinet € 2,199.00