When selecting an interior style, furniture is often the first to spring to mind. That’s entirely logical, as furniture pieces form the backdrop. But it’s what comes after that proves a real ambience-enhancer: accessories. With the right accessories you can decorate your home to your heart’s content, lending your interior its own unique style.

Opt for stylish cushions on the sofa, and drape a cosy throw nonchalantly over the chaise lounge. Why not also cleverly place lanterns, and position an eye-catching lamp in a prominent spot; choose beautiful photo frames with black&white prints for an artistic effect on the wall. Robust, wooden units with glass doors, such as the Hands Creek range, complete the picture perfectly.

It's all about presentation

Use pretty dishes and cake-stands to present your baked goodies. Even though you are only at home, a beautifully presented cake always tastes better.

Although of course it’s actually about eating, cooking together can almost

be at least as much fun. After all, the best conversations are often had

while preparing all that delicious food.

Let's stay home

Staying in is the new going out, and we love it! Choose your company carefully and

experience how good it is to enjoy an evening at home for once. That can be with just the

two of you, or perhaps with a select group of good friends. Cook together convivially and simply make a party of it in your own home. Way too much fun to miss out on!