Soft colours and even softer materials grace this stylish

room wherein you can almost taste the romance.

Details of shiny chrome and a bunch of wild twigs

give the room a lively and luxurious feeling.

Stay gold

Beautiful hurricanes with a lovely appearance because

of the golden details. Both in the colour cream and pink

is very stylish to give a nice feel to the house.

Classy Amsterdam

Serve a cup of coffee or tea with a treat on these

beautiful Amsterdam serving dishes and enjoy to the

fullest. After all, the way you present it is everything!

And relax…

Choose an armchair in a beautiful,

old pink colour and a soft fabric.

This velvet version is incredibly soft

which makes it a party for relaxing in.

Schöne Schleife

A small pillow in the shape of a bow, it can't get

any cuter than that. Great to combine with other cushions from the Powder Parlour textile collection.

Capture the good times

Photography is the way to make

memories lasting. Not only photos inside

the house, but also this incredibly fun

accessories provide a home in which

there are with happy vibes. We love it!

The ugly green duckling

Wonderful touring in a cabriolet, even in winter, which was a bit different at the beginning of my driving career; a green deux chevaux was my fate, grass looking green! With a linen roof for that feeling of driving a convertible.
When I passed a truck, the roof rose and a side window flew open! It was not exactly adapted to the current standards of safety.There are some fun facts; it can carry up to 7 people, you can drive at 80 km p/h over a traffic island and everything you can think of fits inside of it! Fortunately, we now have a miniature version of the 2cv so that I can be reminded of that time. Of course, it is also nice and useful as a paperweight on the kitchen table or in a nice spot in the house.

With autumnal greetings,

Nico Tijsen
Creative Director Rivièra Maison

"Autumn carries more gold in it's pocket than
all the other seasons"

The winner among the decoration elements for on the table!

The Long Acres Table Decoration can be filled with small accessories

or other decorative materials and certainly deserves a wonderful

place in the middle of the dining table or on the mantelpiece.

These height-adjustable shelves are really great to work with.

Place two in front of a mirror and the effect is enormous!

XL to the max! This amazing Classic Courtyard Hurricane has

a diameter of no less than 38 cm, very cool as a vase but looks

great with a nice accessory in it, a beautiful hurricane!

Serving dishes can be used for a snack or chips, but filled

with a few small motives, some loose green leaves and

decoration acorns will bring you autumn to the house!