A flourishig career, mother, a centepede and especially an explosive fine, warm and cosy home for family and friends – that is what

these power women have in common. We are happy to present their favourite setting for the new season to you!


In 2002, Kim was crowned Miss Universe, after which her career took a completely different turn than she had in mind as a student. She took over the organisation of Miss Germany and later Miss Netherlands and has now been on TV for 10 years, the past 2 years as one of the regular faces on SBS Shownieuws. In addition, she has her own line within a children's clothing brand and, together with her husband Jaap (Reesema), she is very committed to charities. Together they have two beautiful sons and they are planning to move totheir new dream home in the summer. “I can't wait to set it all up with my own ideas. Warm, cosy but with colour because we love some colour and life in the house. I'm like a child as I get so happy about beautiful things like this rugged cupboard, the Tribeca Bar Cabinet, made of reclaimed wood – really cool!”


Miljuschka once started at TMF, but most people know her through her cooking skills and love for honest food, with her countless variations on the cheesecake really unprecedented! Since she has been a mother she has shared her passion on social media, which resulted in her receiving her own cooking programme at 24Kitchen 4 years ago. She also produces, writes cookbooks and has recently released her own crockery set. It is her personal challenge to inspire people to start cooking again. “It makes me so happy when someone tells me that a recipe has worked so well, but what I love most is cooking for my children and having a lovely meal with them at the table. Last year I visited Rivièra Maison again and it felt like coming home. But I was also very surprised by all the beautiful, new and especially modern stuff. Lots of steel and wood like this cool dining table, but I also like those Amsterdam City Dining Chairs! And I'm definitely going to use the paint in my new home – it really is great!”


Kristina started her TV career at TMF, followedby MTV and RTL. She was no longer unknown in the media and exactly ten years ago she took over the magazine Talkies, in good time to share in celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The magazine says itself that it is a bit headstrong, has its own course and has very stable partners from which beautiful collaborations have emer-ged. For years she has had a warm bond with Rivièra Maison: “When you see and smell an RM store, you experience above all what the Home is ... feeling. Rivièra Maison is a master in creating homeliness in your interior. There is such a great balance between classic and modern, but everything bears the same warmth and homeliness. I feel completely at home there.”


After a role in the Costa series, GTST was her big breakthrough. In 2010, she interrupted her TV career in order to focus on other challenges. She created her own online sports platform, where nutrition, sport and health are central. Meanwhile her fourth book has been published, The Cellulite Guide. Fajah has her own bikini and lingerie line, she is a well-known DJ and her healthy bars will appear on the market soon. In short, an jack-of-all-trades with even more ideas. Nowadays, she finds her peace and quiet at home and enjoys the time she can spend with dear friends. “For me, a warm and cosy house is mainly a mix of styles, but together they form a whole. So I also have my own favourites here which I mix with other styles, but it remains a warm and cosy whole.”