Besides being a cute, white figurine with beseeching eyes, this miniature terracotta puppy also doubles up as a money box. A money box is always a fun present to give, for example, as a new baby gift. The tiny puppy is made of unglazed ceramic and measures 22 cm high.



Pretty Puppy Money Saver

Besides being a cute, white figurine with beseeching eyes, this miniature terracotta puppy also doubles up as a money box. A money box is always a fun present to give, for example, as a new baby gift. The tiny puppy is made of unglazed ceramic and measures 22 cm high.


Flowers every day

Fleurs De La Maison Vase

Flowers bring joy, and this vase in the shape of

a perfume bottle is a real must-have for those who regularly have a bouquet on display.


We love storage

Délicieux Storage Jar

This three glass storage pot stack is a

sight to behold. The pot is also available

with two layers, or just a single layer.


With love

Lovely Heart Etagere

This delightful etagère is made of light, shimmery

aluminium, and has a lovely heart at its top.

Perfect for small bites and tasty snacks

Lovely Heart Etagere.


Let’s have breakfast

Good Morning Sunshine Chopping Board

Do you wake up on the right side

of bed too, when given breakfast

in bed? This sandwich-shaped

board is super practical to make

your sandwiches on. The board

is made of mango wood.


An apple a day

Sweet & Tasty Apple Storage Jar

There's the famous saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This large, glass bowl with a lid has space for tasty apples, but you can always pop something a little less healthy in it of course, such as sweets or biscuits.



My Dearest Memories Cabinet medium

This little cabinet with a glass door holds your most cherished memories. The

middle section is a pinboard, great for

your holidays snaps, for example.


Hold your horses

Rustic Rattan Rocky Horse

This classic hobby horse, made

from wood with rattan details is

a striking home accessory for the

living room or children's bedroom. This little horse is too refined to play on, but can rock back and forth.

Summer glow

RM Lantern Lane white, small

Candles simply burn even

more beautifully

with this superb white metal lantern.


Contemporary look

Brompton Cross Hanging Lamp

The ornamental round glass of this lamp is

finished off with antique brass strips. Lending the lamp an industrial, contemporary look.


Break an egg

The Perfect Heart Egg Cup

Literally put some love on the

breakfast table when you serve a freshly

boiled egg in this romantic egg cup.


The straw to my berry

Happy Straws Metal set van 4

Serve a delicious drink in a beautiful glass with a stylish straw. This set of four metal straws can be reused and cleaned with

the tiny brush that is included.


In the heart

Rustic Rattan Heart Coasters set van 4

Say goodbye to ring marks with this set of four white, heart-shaped coasters in a rattan holder. Cheers!


Sweet as honey

Busy Bee Honey Jar / RM Chopping Serving Tray

Mmm ... honey, delicious. This glass honey pot with a wooden lid also has a special honey spoon to scoop up the honey without making the sides of the pot all sticky. Perfect, the honey can now also be placed on

the table, with peace of mind. Use the aluminium mini tray underneath if you'd rather not handle the pot at all. Really practical!


For the one you love

Rustic Rattan Heart Mini Tray

Present your biscuits or other sweet treats romantically with a cup of tea or coffee,

on this heart-shaped tray.


Feast for the eyes

Heart Metal Storage Jar, Metal Storage Jar, RM Metal Storage Jar, XL Metal Storage Jar

All manner of things can be stored in these glass jars. Their glass exterior makes them ideal for storing things as display. These storage jars really come into their own in the kitchen,

filled with pasta or rice, for example.

By the sea

Catch Of The Day servies

With summer beckoning, this fabulous porcelain tableware set can never go amiss. This service is of white porcelain with a variation of deep blue horizontal stripes and cheerful little fish that seem to be lying on the plate. As the

plates are handmade, each one has a unique, distinctive appearance.


Neat & tidy

Rustic Rattan Cutlery Organiser

The kitchen drawers are due a

tidy-up now you have this cutlery tray to hand. Made of rattan, with four handy compartments.


Let’s celebrate!

C-Champagne Flute

Champagne ... there's reason to celebrate. Of course, champagne sparkles at its best in a tall flute, wouldn't you say? So versatile,

the flute is dishwasher-proof.


Turn the music up

The Music Is Good Glass Sound Bar

It’s a miracle: Put your mobile phone with

your best tracks on it in this natural speaker, made of glass. Even when you turn the volume

right up, the sound remains crystal-clear.


We love it!

The Secret Ingredient Heart Bowl

Luckily this heart-shaped dish can

be used 365 days a year, and not just

on Valentine's Day; it's a veritable

gem on your coffee table.

Happy fish

Rustic Rattan Fish Serving Tray small en medium

These rustic rattan serving trays

in the shape of a fish are fantastic

decorative pieces. Or, why not

use them to serve up hot rolls

over lunch or brunch?


Like a star

Enjoy Star Double Wall Glass

This double-wall coffee and tea glass

is a real must-have. The inner shape is

mouthblown in the shape of a star; drinking coffee has just got even more enjoyable!


Rustic Rattan Teapot Tea Box

Present your teas in this rattan tea box

in the shape of a teapot. The practical

lid is secured onto the tea box.


Basic is beautiful


A linen cushion cover is a great asset to

any summer interior. The 100% linen fabric

is organic and durable. These stunning

cushions are available in four crisp colours.

Tea for me

Rustic Rattan Teapot Mini Tray

Serve your tea in style to your

tea-drinking guests on this

Rustic Rattan Teapot Mini Tray.



Eat Drink Love Placemat

This placemat made of robust MDF not only looks great on the breakfast table but is also ideal to serve someone breakfast in bed on. The fresh, white placemat has ample room to present all your tasty treats on.