Sparkling Silver


The Sparkling Silver Christmas Collection is perfect for those who love all things silver and glittery. Nothing's too out there in the season when 'over the top' simply doesn't exist. Opt for a tree that's all silver and glitter. Imagine gorgeous ornaments with silver glitter imprints that are heart-shaped or in the letters RM; large silver tree decorations with an antique look&feel and a Winter Wonderland ornament with silver glitter snow. Let's sparkle!

Glittering Heart Ornament white Dia 8

Warm Wishes Bow Ornament off white

The Best Christmas Ornament silver Dia 10

Pretty Christmas Ornament silver

Dreaming Of Christmas Ornament Dia 10

SILVER LINING - 'Every cloud has a silver lining'

We could all do with some positivity at the moment. This silver decoration will definitely help! How about the Winter Wonderland nestled in the Pretty Christmas Votive Candle or the handwoven Christmas star, sprayed in white and covered in glitter? The silver items look fabulous together with this collection's white table linen. It won't take much to imagine yourself in a crisp, snowy landscape.

Lovely Christmas Wreath On Stand

Pretty Christmas Votive silver

Beaded Star Votive M

Glorious Christmas Peak On Stand

Celebrate Christmas Peak On Stand

Glamorous Christmas Peak On Stand

Classic Club Pillow Cover 50x50

Cosy Pompom Faux Fur Pillow Cover 50x50

Hugh Hurricane on Stand

This modern windlight can be used at two heights by simply reversing the stand. Both the frame and the stand are made of polished aluminium, and the windlight can easily hold a thick candle.

Hampton Heights Sofa 3,5 Seater, celtic weave, melting silver

Kirkwood Adjustable CoffeeTable D80

Thompson Place Chair,

velvet III, anthracite

Looking for a sleek, modern armchair? The Thompson Place Chair has a low seat, no armrests, and a slim, shiny, stainless steel frame. The seat and backrest have a tufted effect, but without the characteristic button. This chair is available in various colours.