RM Classic

The RM Classic look is timeless and is here to stay! The natural colour palette of this style also makes giving this look a seasonal update a piece of cake, with just a handful of accessories! This season we're combining warm hues such as brown and rich orange with this look. Stunning autumnal hues inject cosiness to your home.

Living inspiration

Rustic Rattan Mill Pond Fauteuil

Carlton Sofa 3,5 Seater, oxford weave, anvers flax

Aspen Lounge Chair

Pacifica Coffee Table 90x90

Pacifica Coffee Table 90x90

Pacifica Coffee Table 90x90

Le Voyage Nomade Velvet Pillow Cover 50x50

Le Voyage Nomade Throw 180x130

Le Voyage Nomade Belt Pillow beige 40x30

Dining inspiration

RM Rustic Rope Vase

Stuart Dining Table Dia 140

Ocean Cay Lantern

Dune Deck Cafe Dining Armchair

Canyamel Dining Table 140 cm diameter, black legs

Hampton Classic Dining Chair, linen, flax

Accessories inspiration

My Dearest Memories Cabinet M

Glamorous Evening Fillable Votive

Rustic Rattan Mini Flower Vase

Ballad Mauve Napkin 2 pcs

Rustic Rattan Happy Home Placemat

Ballad Mauve Placemat 2 pcs