Chic interior

Large furniture pieces, shiny details, opulent finishes and sumptuous fabrics create a Chic interior ambience. In fact, going for large furniture and accessories in smaller spaces can actually make the space seem bigger. We're delighted to help create a luxurious hotel ambience in your home!

Living inspiration

Cape House Bar Cabinet

Venice Adjustable Sofa Table black M

Montmartre Armchair Gold Leg, velvet III, rose stain


"a natural colour palette helps your interior exude tranquillity. A relaxed feel arises with the harmonious hues. Graphic prints and functional designs in black, white and gold add a chic look. How good it is to come home: home is where you can be you."

Pretty Bow End Table Soft Gold

Dining inspiration

Miller Dining Table 220x100

Lisbon 2 Glasses Hurricane

William Dining Chair, velvet, windsor green

"A golden touch finishes your styling off to perfection. This colour imbues warmth into your space."

St. Regis Hurricane S

Mr. Beekman Dining Chair, velvet III, golden mink

Accessories inspiration

A hint of gold

Add gold to your tableware for an opulent look&feel. Don't forget an eye-catcher in your interior!

Premium Wine Glass

The Classic Club Plate Dia 26

The Peninsula Vase

RM Scented Candle

Est 1948 Les Fleurs Vase

RM Lovely Wire Knot Lantern L

RM Classic Club Bouquet Vase

The Classic Club Candle Holder M