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This collection is inspired by the romance of the autumn season, with its diverse colour palette. Colourful patterns, dried flowers, natural materials and faded tones; all the shades of autumn can be found in this collection. Materials such as rattan, mango wood and suede are in evidence. This is reflected in the cushions, with colourful flowers and bird prints, accessories containing dried flowers, and clear, recycled glass with raised detail. A beautiful collection to make your home ready for this warm, colourful season.

The Jake Sofa 3,5 Seater, italian rib, mocha

Collins Sofa 3,5 Seater, velvet, golden brown


Before winter arrives, nature undergoes a real transformation and colours change into incredibly beautiful, warm tones. Sunlight is softer, temperatures are dropping and the need to make changes at home to go with the season is greater than ever...


Soft, rich fabrics as used in this velvet cushion are a wonderful addition. The warm, orange hue suits the season perfectly. Le Voyage is embroidered onto the cushion in white, giving it an extra 3D accent.

Le Voyage Nomade Velvet Pillow Cover 50x50

Paisley pattern

In this plaid with beautiful paisley design, the various colours in the collection come together, making it particularly fine when combined with the other items. The pattern is colour-fast, thanks to the special jacquard weaving technique. The underside of the plaid is a warm shade of brown.

Nomade Paisley Throw 180x130


This cushion cover in a deep shade of brown fits perfectly with the season and this collection, thanks to its rugged, coarse fabric. White ruffles along the piping make the cushion not only trendy, but soft to the touch, too.

Nomade Fringes Pillow Cover 50x50


This fabulous collection is now available.

Cobble Hill Sofa 3,5 Seater, celtic weave, mud

Fawcett Swivel Chair Black Leg, berkshire, truffle

Costa Mesa Dining Table Extendable 330/90

Miller Dining Table 220X100

Davis Dining Chair, velvet III, golden mink

Bridge Lane Dining Chair Diamond Stitch, velvet III, anthracite

Mr. Beekman Dining Chair, velvet III, golden mink