Make the house smell wonderful

This exclusive Home Fragrance collection contains four wonderful new fragrances. Which fragrance is your favourite?

Bergamot Bliss

One of the new fragrances is the refreshing Bergamot Bliss, where, as the name suggests, the scents of bergamot, amber and musk van be detected. They have been brought together to make this wonderful Bergamot Bliss fragrance.

Fabulous Fig

The Fabulous Fig fragrance line is characterised by a warm and well-rounded fragrance built up from fig, cedar and the softness of peony. Perfectly matched for this lovely fragrance.

Patchouli Pepper

The Patchouli Pepper fragrance line is another remarkable fragrance line. For lovers of spicy scents, the ingredients here are the fragrances of black pepper, sage and patchouli: a little oriental, but oh so refined.

Mandarin Forest

Are you a fan of citrus-like fragrances? Then Mandarin Forest is definitely one for you! The fragrances of mandarin, basil and agave together form a superb combination to give your house a fresh fruity fragrance.