Glass is a frequently used material in the accessories at Rivièra Maison. Most of these glass products are blown by mouth: this means that none of our glasses and vases are100% identical, so every product is unique. It is a fascinating and extraordinarily interesting process. We take a peek in the glass factory of one of our suppliers and invite you to accompany us through the process.


Did you know that glass is made from sand, soda and broken glass? This mixture is placed in a large oven, where it melts at 1300°C. The glass-blower scoops out a lump of melted glass on the end of a blow pipe. The melted glass is laid in a mould and a shape is formed by blowing the molten glass against its interior wall. Lastly, he pulls a long stem from the lower part. The top side of the 'chalice' comes out of the mould closed and is cut off by a hot flame, the so-called hot cut.

The glass, still at 500°C, then goes into a cool-down oven. There it cools off over a period of 3 hours. Then comes a check to see if there are any imperfections in the glass. The glass is also examined to see if it's stable when standing; if not, it's polished until it is. Then comes another measuring and cleaning, after which a decal or transfer is applied. This is a painstaking process, as each item must have the sticker on the same place. The glass goes into the oven again on a sort of conveyor belt, this time for 3 hours at 500°C. The final check. Only if flawless can they go into the packaging!

RM House Tapas Forks 4 pcs

€ 17.95

The Best Ingredient Storage Jar

€ 47.95

RM Champagne Glass 2 pcs

€ 27.95

RM Water Glass 2 pcs

€ 24.95

Traditional Oil & Vinegar Bottle

€ 17.95

RM Classic Folded Hurricane L

€ 119.00