Rustic Rattan Rattan, also called slimit, is a 100% natural material. The rattan grows as liana vines along the colossal tree trunks in the jungles of Kalimantan in Indonesia. It is one of the most widely used materials with which Rivièra Maison looks to create its well-known ambience. The rattan products are successful because of their timeless look, and the countless ways in which they can be used. The possibilities are limitless.

The process During the monsoon season (from June to October) vines of 5 to 6 metres are harvested in the jungles of Kalimantan (Indonesia). These are shipped to Java for further handling. The rattan lies in mud baths for a few weeks, creating the beautiful grey hue. After a drying period in the sun, the vines are selected according to colour and thickness. Now the material is ready for further processing. Entire villages (kampongs) on Java work on weaving wicker furniture and accessories.

  • 100% natural material
  • For interior use only
  • Robust material
  • Natural colours yield a unique colour palette
  • Handmade, 'unique pieces'
  • Timeless, versatile material
  • Suits any interior

Rustic Rattan House Cabinet Tray Square

Rustic Rattan Ginger Pot S

Rustic Rattan Happy Home Placemat

Rustic Rattan Ginger Pot L

RM Club 48 Coasters

Rustic Rattan Ginger Pot M